Actors come to Vilnius! Meet and greet your favourite actor in a closest manner possible!

Meet your favorite actors

Come to Comic Con Baltics on 15-16 September and meet your favourite actors from movies and TV shows. Be prepared, because throughout the event you will see a lot of international guests from different genres of popular culture and not just actors but also from comics and Cosplay world.

Lots of Panels

There will be a lot of Panels and Q&A‘ Sessions held during the event with all the stars. During these two amazing days, you will be able to hear about actors past and future projects, ask them questions by yourself.

All of the stars will be in the Comic Con Baltics for all the weekend, if not informed otherwise.

So how does it work?

Stars will participate in Autograph sessions and will give you a signature. They will have their own photos with them but you can also bring anything you like to be signed! Our fair suggestion? Posters, books, drawings, you name it. Autograph tickets will be sold in the event only.

There will also be Photo Ops with all our Stars and you can get one too! Get a personal photo with your favourite Star and have it printed just in a matter of minutes. Photo Ops tickets will be sold in the event only.

NOTE: Guests are charging for autographs and photo ops. All Guests appear subject to work commitments and can cancel at any point up to the show date, refunds on entry tickets cannot be offered.


Tinklapiui John

John Rhys-Davies

The Lords Of The Rings


Rick Cosnett

The Flash, The Vampire Diares


Steve Cardenas

Power Rangers

Secret Guest 2

Secret Guest

Gotham City

Scret Guest 1

Secret Guest

Gotham City



Janeshia Adams-Ginyard

Black Panther

Tinklapiui foto dydis

Nick Seluk

The Awkward Yeti

Tinklapiui KAZ

Kaz Prapuolenis

SpongeBob SquarePants





Imriel dydis