Cosplay – mesmerizing modern pop culture phenomenon that is taking over the world

Having it’s beginning in 1939 in the USA at the 1st Worldcon, Cosplay got better known in the rest of the world in 90’s with help of Japan. Now it is no.1 hobby involving young and old, women and men – cosplay is for everybody! It is a chance to become a superhero or a prince(ss), to show your crafting and acting skills, good way of finding new friends and spending quality time with them.

Comic Con Baltics will offer all of this for you – Cosplay contest for those who want to show their crafting and acting skills, Cosplay Masquerade for those who want to show how awesome they are in a costume.

Workshops and panels for those who want to learn something new or deepen their knowledge. Everyone will find what to do at Comic Con Baltics cosplay area, because COSPLAY IS ALL ABOUT HAVING FUN!