Comic Con Baltics will introduce you with professionals from all the industry. You will be able to meet in person and learn from nominated and awarded VFX and SFX specialists, make-up, cosplay and other professionals. As the time will go, we will update the list of our guests that will host special workshops for anyone to attend.


  • Workshops with comics artist where you can free your imagination
  • Working with Cosplay professionals on how to build your own costume
  • Visual Effects artists will show how the visual effects are being done and will invite you to be included in the whole process, do your own video with special effects
  • Sound Effects specialist will teach the story of sound effects and show how different it actually is than we imagine. Did you know that the sound of a gunshot in the movies are just a combination of ten different sounds? No? Well, you’ll learn that and more. And do it yourself. Great, isn’t it?
  • Workshops on how to do your own make-up. Maybe for Cosplay, or maybe you want to freak someone out with a bullet hole in your head? That’s easy! And you will learn how.