Comic Con Baltics brings professionals from various departments within film industry. You will be able to meet in person and learn from award winning VFX and SFX specialists, make-up, cosplay and other professionals. As the time will go, we will update the list of our 2018 guests that will host special workshops for anyone to attend.


  • Workshops with comics artist where you could free your imagination.
  • Working with Cosplay professionals on how to build your own costume.
  • Visual Effects artists showed how the visual effects are being done and invited you to be included in the whole process. For instance, do your own video with special effects.
  • Sound Effects specialist tought the story of sound effects and showed how different it actually is than we imagine. Did you know that the sound of a gunshot in the movies are just a combination of ten different sounds?
  • Workshops on how to do your own make-up. Maybe for Cosplay, or maybe you want to freak someone out with a bullet hole in your head? That’s easy! And now you know how.