Ian Beattie was born in Northern Ireland and many fans should know him from his role in „Game of Thrones“. Actor himself admits, that he felt attraction to acting during his early age when he used to tour Northern Ireland in circus with his father. „From that age I always wanted to act, there was never any question. If someone know that that’s what they want to be, then that’s what they’re going to be. Simple as that”.

Actor even studied drama at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Nevertheless, Ian Beattie admits his attraction to acting in TV series: „It’s no secret that I wouldn’t be the theatres’ biggest fan I much prefer being on set. It’s where I feel most of it “.

Talking about „Game of Thrones“ character Ser Meryn Trant Ian Beattie admits that it was nice experience for him: „I thoroughly enjoyed most of it. It’s a lot of fun to play a complete scumbag. It really is. Playing someone so completely different to your own character, so I really enjoyed it, certainly for the first four seasons. I do not have intentions to, but I do have a quite talent to play villain roles. Ser Meryn was quite easy to get and I had very very good directors and producers working on „Game of Thrones“. Nothing was left a chance we were quite clear on what sort of character he was “. Ian Beattie already completed his journey in „Game of Thrones“ as one of the Stark family members (Arya Stark) killed him during fifth season.

Later on Ian Beattie had a small role in „Vikings“ but we should never forget his one of the biggest performances in Oliver Stone movie called „Alexander“. Actor had a chance to share the screen with well-known actors such as Colin Farrell, Anthony Hopkins and even Angelina Jolie. „When I saw the finish version I was disappointed. There was a lot of stuff that we shot that didn’t make it and I was sad about that“.

Despite of that, Ian Beattie admits that acting in „Game of Thrones“ made biggest blow to his career: „Thanks to „Game of Thrones“. The profile has been much raised. And I’m getting scenes for stuff that I’m absolutely delighted about it. I should be grateful for it“.