Would like to get more information about “Comic Con Baltics” or talk to the organisers? Write to: media@ccbaltics.com

Complimentary press passes are extended as a courtesy of Comic Con Baltics. Each pass is issued individually and is non-transferable.

Submitting an application does not guarantee approval. You will be notified if you have been approved or denied within five working days from your application. If you have been approved, additional information will be provided in your confirmation email, along with your press pass which allows entry to the event.

If you’re applying in the days leading up to the show, please be patient and be aware that last-minute applications have less chance of being accepted.


  • allow you to cut the lines
  • allow early access into the building, special access if argumented why
  • does not allow free access into any events requiring an additional ticket
  • does not grant the right for the interview with the actors. Any inquiries must be coordinated through the Comic Con Baltics press bureau prior or during the event. The organizers do not guarantee the availability of the actors or other special guests for any of requested interviews.

Each press pass is issued individually. If you are applying with a team, each individual will need to apply and be approved separately, with their own email and contact details. Every individual applying for an “Comic Con Baltics” press pass may only apply once.

Freelance journalists or photographers can apply too.

Filming with professional cameras might have some limitations, especially during promotional panels with actors and other guests. Filming during the special promotional panels of movies studios is not allowed.

THERE IS NO ON-SITE REGISTRATION AT “COMIC CON BALTICS”. If necessary contact Head of Communications (Agnė Raščiūtė). 

Press registration for “Comic Con Baltics” 2019 has not yet started. Press passes are limited in nature and issued only to professionally employed journalists and freelance journalists, photographers, bloggers and vlogers. Passes are not issued to children, family, or guests.





Please provide sample information of your work.