We are celebrating “Comic Con Baltics” for two years now, together with our strong, united and constantly growing community. Together with you we can grow, and grow not only by numbers but by quality too. And it is possible because we are listening to your needs. We will meet again at “Comic Con Baltics” on September 21-22 at “Litexpo” in Vilnius, Lithuania.

We know that you are dying to know what will be in the prize pool for the best cosplay costumes and performances. But let’s keep that secret just for a bit more. Nevertheless, we can assure you that the things that are waiting are really worth to participate at “Comic Con Baltics” cosplay competition. Among other prizes, there will be a possibility to win the honour to represent Lithuania in the international cosplay competitions.

Visual Aya will tell us how about her whole journey from choosing the character till winning: ”Comic Con Baltics” and going to “Nordic Cosplay Championship”. Visual Aya won the honour to represent Lithuania at NCC in the first edition of “Comic Con Baltics”. She won at CCB cosplay competition with her costume of Mikazuki Munechika from video game Touken Ranbu.

Visual Aya:

I was thinking about what new costume I could make for “Comic Con Baltics”, but my head was empty, so I decided to register my favourite costume.

It was the first time ever that I had enough sleep before the convention because my costume was already finished.

When I got on the stage I understood that I don’t remember my performance I have to do what I know best – to become the character and improvise.

When they announced the winners on the stage my first thought was “WHY? I didn’t do anything special, there were way better costumes”. I was totally shocked, but also very happy because it was my dream to participate in big events abroad.

With NCC approaching I had to make new quality costume and performance. I communicated with NCC organizers a lot, had lots of sleepless nights, I was really nervous and afraid. There could happen anything – my biggest fear was that I would not finish my costume in time, but it all went smoothly and I reached Sweden safe and sound.

Experience at NCC was what I needed and I appreciate it a lot. Everything was organized perfectly, all cosplayers got more attention from the organizing team than you could expect. But have in mind that there might be a bit of stress if you don’t have much of stage experience or good foreign language knowledge. NCC was broadcasted not only by local televisions but also on Youtube and Twitch platforms, so every little mistake can make you feel really bad.

Now, after almost a year, I can say for sure – I would love to go to “Nordic Cosplay Championship” again. It would be an amazing feeling to come back to that big and very friendly event again.

For those who are in doubts to participate at CCB cosplay contest or not I can only say – DO IT. It is such a good feeling to go on the stage, show how amazing you can portray the character and how much blood sweat and tears you put into your costume.

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we will meet your heroes on September 21-22 in Litexpo, Vilnius., Lithuania.